Hiring tradesmen

November 28, 2006 at 12:33 pm (House renovation) ()

Is it always such a headache? Some don’t want to do small jobs, but rather than say that, they’ll rudely say things like “I don’t want to do half a job.” Others forget their wedding anniversary and rather than cancel the appointment, allow the customer (me) to find out they’re not coming, calling them up to amend some details. 🙂

This is so not the right time year to start house renovations!! It’s on the run-up to Christmas and the tradesmen have loads of jobs booked. A busy trademen is probably a decent tradesmen, so we’re bearing that in mind. We’ve resigned ourself to the fact that things won’t really kick off until January, but that’s probably a good thing because we’ve invited people over on Boxing Day and for New Year’s, and this way, the house will be intact.

Unfortunately the dishwasher won’t fit into the gap left by the previous occupants fridge. So it’s handwashing for us! Booo!!!

On a positive note, we’re done now with our rental house. We had the inspection yesterday and handed over our keys. Hopefully we’ll get a majority of our security deposit back.


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