Deodorant: Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way, Part 2

July 21, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Me) (, , )

As a fan of natural beauty products, I’ve turned away from the standard chemical products that are on every shelf in supermarkets and drugstores.

Scares about antiperspirants have been so great that Unilever must have decided to fight the fire with this website, The Truth about Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer.

Conscious that body odor is not a great personal feature, I tested a few natural deodorants out to see what works best (for me). The natural deodorant products I’ve tried (there are loads more out there, so this isn’t an all-inclusive report!):

1. A solid stick deodorant based on natural ingredients
2. Roll-on based on Japanese spa minerals
3. Crystal deodorant (Ammonium alum – aka pure natural mineral salts)
4. Scented dusting powder based on natural ingredients

The verdict? The stick deo didn’t keep me smelling sweet all day long. Neither did the roll-on. The crystal deodorant kept my pits smelling fine, but armpit sweat got into my shirt, and made the shirt stinky. The dusting powder on it’s own didn’t quite do the trick either.

So, here’s my suggestion: Apply the crystal deo to freshly showered pits, making sure the pits are damp and the crystal is applied to the entire armpit area. When nearly dry, put a fine layer of dusting powder on your pits.

Given that the crystal deodorant can last up to two years*, meaning you won’t be responsible for purchasing lots of packaging over time, crystal deodorant  plus dusting powder is a clear winner.

What’s more, the dusting powder can be made at home with recipes found online.

Good luck!

*I dropped it and the lid cracked off – the crystal will outlive the packaging in my house!


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