Time to sort out the front door

September 16, 2007 at 5:59 pm (DIY) ()

Now that the scaffolding’s down and while there’s still some sun and daylight left, I’ve started the process of re-doing the door.

So far I’ve rubbed down to the bare wood where it needed it (left), and given it a lick of undercoat (right).

This took much longer than expected, but then I should have realised this, as everything has taken much longer.

We had friends over today so no chance to apply the topcoat, and now it’s raining. Hopefully tomorrow will be dry…

L removed the door hardware and spent a good hour scrubbing it with Nitromors to remove the old paint. The metal still needs a finishing clean with some wire wool, and it’s badly corroded, but I think it’ll look pretty good when it’s finished.

While cleaning I found the maker’s name: A Kenrick & Sons. This turned up after a bit of googling – it’s a match, and amazingly the company’s still running!


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