Our Door Knocker

December 9, 2006 at 2:12 pm (DIY) (, )

Door knocker
I was trying to learn more about our door knocker and found a website showing original cast iron door knockers (click image to see site) from a foundry in Staffordshire.

The door knocker featured looks very much like ours, except ours has details obscured by layers of paint. Once I strip it back, we can know for sure whether it’s identical. If yes, that’s interesting to learn it’s from 1908 or thereabouts! Also, the letter opening is still in place, but folded back. The springs which should keep it closed are rusted and we’ll need to figure out how to replace them.

We have bought some eco friendly paint stripper to use inside the house, but I’ll probably use the leftover “harsh” paint stripper to work on the front door, as it’s outside the house.


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