Main Bedroom Nearly Done

July 9, 2007 at 4:50 pm (DIY) (, , )

The main bedroom is nearing completion. We’ve removed the woodchip from the walls and ceiling, had the ceiling repaired and skimmed by a plasterer, then we painted the ceiling, coving and skirting boards*, put up lining paper*, painted*, scrubbed the floors, and oiled them.

The photos feature two of our eBay bargains, a restored Victorian fireplace and an Edwardian wardrobe (lined in some lovely cedar!).

* work still in progress

The paint on the wall behind the wardrobe is Cotswold Stone by Green Paints. They are soybean oil based, low odor, and better for the environment and people. The paint seems great apart from the fact that it’s not quite the colour we saw when we chose it from paint samples! However, we’ve decided to live with it!

For the floors, we chose against the standard “sand and varnish”. We’ve sanded floors in the past, and it’s just soul destroying. The prep takes forever, it creates a huge dusty mess, uses loads of electricity, costs tons to rent the machine — and it always takes longer than you think. Furthermore, it strips the floorboards of their character.

So, this time round, we’ve decided to go with the rustic and natural look. I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we like it. The colour of the boards in the photos is their natural colour, darkened with age. The lighter boards show the colour pre-oiling.

The boards have been scrubbed clean (-ish…the coal dust is really impregnated), allowed to dry, then then oiled in two coats of Osmo Polyx hardwax oil. This stuff is great! It’s environmentally friendly and super easy to use. Plus, I’m almost embarrassed to say, but we both kinda like the smell!


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