I am a thirtysomething woman juggling all the things I want to do (playing outside, cuddling the cats, writing, genealogy, my newspaper project, cooking, baking, my genealogy course, reading, watching TV and surfing the net) and have to do in life (work, house cleaning, DIY). I am looking forward to the day I can add pregnancy and motherhood to the list of things to juggle.

I am originally from the USA and married to a Brit. After nine years in the UK, I am ready to try life in the US, and so we are in the process of getting the husband’s visa. We will also be moving with our two cats!

The blog posts from 2006-07 are from a blog shared by my husband. We poured all of our money, energy (both physical and emotional) and patience into upgrading this house, and the blog was used to keep friends and family up-to-date. I’ve imported those blog posts into this blog because they are a nice record of what we’ve accomplished, and because I’ll continue to mention the house now and again!

P.S. The main photo was taken in March 2008 by my husband. We were in Australia, hence the sundress. It was one of those photos that was taken spur of the moment but that turn out pretty amazing.



  1. Paul said,

    Ah cool, I didn’t know the header photo was taken in Melbourne. Whereabouts?

  2. Lisa said,

    It was taken the day you left for your honeymoon, when J and I walked to the port. We had the camera out the entire way, and had paused for a rest.

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