Mini Pitta Pizzas

April 24, 2008 at 7:23 pm (Food) (, )

My favorite quick dishes these days is the mini pizza on wholemeal pitta bread.

First, I lay my pitta breads on a cookie sheet. Then I squeeze out some tomato paste and a bit of chili paste. I smear it around with a spoon to create my tomato base. Then I assembled my pizzas with whatever ingredients I have on hand, such as fresh bell pepper, frozen spinach (defrosted!), and sometimes a bit of sausage or pepperoni. Then I finish it off with goats cheese or some feta.

Then it’s just bake ’til hot and eat. Sometimes we don’t even bother with plates or forks.


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Hair Me Out

April 20, 2008 at 11:44 am (Me) (, , )

So here I am, well into my thirties, and still figuring out my hair. I went through a phase when I thought hair really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and to some degree I still believe that. But my fine, lank hair looks bad really, really easily, and that doesn’t help anyone.

I also struggle with gray hair and am too young to go au naturel (IMHO) but want to avoid nasty chemicals on me and in my home. But this comes into direct conflict with my feelings about gray hair. What to do?

I’ve tried natural hair colors based on minerals and henna. The mineral hair colors work the best. Henna is a nightmare to use. It is just so messy and takes up a good chunk of your day.

I’ve had professional highlights done. There’s this theory that highlights will help blend the gray away, by making the lighter hair merge with the gray. It seems to work for a few months, but then you have multicolored hair and it’s pretty obvious that the gray hair is still there.

Finally, I got clever. I bought useful tools. One is a plastic brush with a pointed end. The pointed end helps parts the hairs so one can use the brush to apply color to the roots. The other is a small plastic mixing cylinder with measurements marked on the side. Commercial hair colors can be mixed in any amount, as long as the ratio is 50:50. So I can mix enough to do my roots, without

  • exposing my entire head to chemicals
  • slow down the amount of waste I send to landfill
  • save money

So this means I can get the odd professional highlights done, but in between I can touch up the roots at the front of my face. Seems like a good compromise.

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