Still a long way to go

August 29, 2007 at 9:51 pm (DIY) (, , , )

The big news is our stuff was taken out of storage a few weeks ago. I’m proud that we did it all ourselves. The only worrisome piece of furniture was the long sofa, but we “somersaulted” it from the van to the sitting room over moving blankets, and “walked it” where we couldn’t somersault it.

The sitting room was professionally decorated and we’re now in the midst of doing the floorboards. Rather experimentally, we’ve decided to paint them with Holkham Linseed Oil paint in Chocolate colour. It’s natural and non-toxic so we’re really happy with that. Unfortunately, the stuff takes aaaaaages to dry. I assumed that “24 hours in prime conditions” just meant 19-20C and dry. WRONG. It turns out I put the second coat on too soon, so goodness knows when it’ll be dry enough for us to put on the finishing coat of OSMO Polyx oil.

We decided to do the floor in two stages to avoid finding a new home for the sofa (this would be impossible — the dining room is full to the gills with the rest of the sitting room furniture and the rest of our boxes). In the meantime, we have hooked the Topfield up to our little tv and the office/guest room is also our temporary sitting room. 🙂

Given that we still have a whole other “half” of the sitting room floor to complete, it’s a total guess as to when we’ll have our sitting room back again. Waaaa!


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