Merry Christmas

December 24, 2006 at 6:35 pm (Food)

Merry Christmas!

We have been having a break from work on the house and instead have been baking holiday goodies and making chocolates.

Clockwise from top: cocoa crinkles, chocolate dipped dates, jam (cherry) almond cookie cutouts, pfeffernusse, almond truffles, and ginger brandy truffles. Today we made more candies — dark chocolate dipped marzipan balls in four varieties of chopped goodness (French glace cherries, candied citrus peel, dried blueberries, and pecan), dark choc covered almonds, and caramel pecan clusters.

When we went shopping for baking ingredients, I was amused to see that the eggs were nearly completely sold out. The only ones remaining were the very cheap battery hen kind (no thanks) or these fancy ones that come in pastel shells. Since I probably won’t buy them again, I took a photo 🙂



  1. Sue said,

    Finally found your blog…yay!!

    The house looks phenomenal and the baking fantastic.

    Can’t wait to continue watching the renos. Good luck!

    (and of course, Happy New Year!!)

  2. James said,

    Steph and I can vouch for the marzipan chocolates. Yum.

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