Woodchip revisited

December 10, 2006 at 4:52 pm (DIY) ()

We’ve pretty much finished stripping the walls and ceiling of the bedroom of woodchip. And it is as much hassle as you read about. Here are our tips having just done it;

1) Scoring the walls and using warm water works, but it’s slow going. If you’re lucky you can scrap off the top layer, then soak the second layer – which makes things easier.

2) After a few walls like this, I stumbled upon Wallwik. We took a risk and bought some. It works like this: Score the walls (with their tool), apply sheets of paper (that feel a bit like baby wipes) that have been soaked in their special solution. Leave it for 20 minutes, or longer if necessary. Then remove the sheet. The wallpaper should come off in one go. We made the mistake of scoring the walls with the knife, which meant the wallpaper came off in tiny little squares! We’ve yet to try a large area, however I’m pretty confident about it working well.

However, being long sheets of heavy paper, it’s a devil to get up on the ceiling…

3) Fortunately the woodchip on the ceiling hadn’t bonded well with the plaster above, and it was pretty easy to rip down. Lisa has the knack. For those stubborn areas or for those without said knack, a steamer makes the job easier; thanks Bro!

I’m yet to make a final judgment on Wallwik vs. Steamer, but as usual it seems to be a combination of both. Anyone out there wondering if they should buy Wallwik – I say give it a go.


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